Success for Team Murmansk in the national championship of World Skills Russia

In September this year, more than 2800 Russian competitors from 83 regions, met online to compete in “Young professionals”, the biggest and most prestigious competition in vocational skills between students and young pupils in Russia. The students competed in 129 competences, while the juniors competed in 71. The team from […]

The ArcticSkills partnership grows stronger

Friday, November 20th, Øystein Hansen on behalf of the Lead Partner of ArcticSkills and Päivi Ekdahl for the Managing Authority of Kolarctic, signed an addendum to the Grant Contract, stating that Utbildning Nord, Gränsälvsgymnasiet and Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education are legitimate partners in the project. The addendum also makes […]

ArcticSkills 2021

If we succeed in our planning, Utbildning Nord will be the host and coordinator of ArcticSkills 2021 Tournament, adjusted to the COVID-19 situation ArcticSkills 2021 back on track? After the cancellation of ArcticSkills 2020 due to the spike of Covid-19, there has been some uncertainty of the future arrangements. The […]

The secret of excellent craftmanship

The secret of excellent craftmanship The final of the eigth national Russian championship “Young professionals” has started. Five cameras are constantly filming. To complete the task it takes 2 working days or 16 hours. Every step and action is observed by experts, both online and those present at the competition […]

ArcticSkills project update report

KO4035 ArcticSkills project update 07.09. 2020 Status of this report This report is part of a project update for the period September 2019-September 2020. The period does not coincide totally with the actual project period as described in the Activity planner, starting January 2020, but since some activities were planned […]

Awardwinning partners in ArcticSkills

Two professional colleges in Murmansk; the Colleges of Industry and of Building constructions, have won federal grants for 2021. The extra grants are awarded to the projects «Development of technical and material standards», «Young professionals» and the national project «Development of education». This means Murmansk region will have 8 new […]

Minutes from the board meeting June 2020

The meeting was held on Teams and everyone participated online from their own places due to the COVID19 situation. It was a good solution when the borders are closed.

Utbildning Nord

YRKESTÄVLINGEN ARCTICSKILLS I ÖVERTORNEÅ STÄLLS IN! Nordnorge införde först reseförbud för alla skolor och även skolorna i finska Inari har infört reseförbud. Det fick konsekvenser i Övertorneå – tävlingsledningen för yrkestävlingen ArcticSkills ställer in tävlingen i Övertorneå. Igår kom även beslutet att skolorna i Nordnorge stänger från måndag. Den 30 […]

ArcticSkills 2020 cancelled

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen The Chair in coorporation with the Lead partner and Utbilding Nord has  decided to cancell  ArcticSkills 2020 competition because of coronavirus disease. We will give you more information as soon as we have sorted out more details. Please inform your experts, students and partners involved […]