Getting ready for the first meeting between the experts in ArcticSkills 2018

Next week in Tornio, Finland, the experts of ArcticSkills will take the first step in preparing the tournament 2018. The meeting is set at the tournament location, Lappia vocational institute, and will gather about 40 experts from Finnmark, Murmansk, Lappi and Norrbotten, representing all the competences in the competition.

Their main tasks will be to prepare next year’s tasks and assessment criteria, so that they can be publicised in week 8, late February 2018. However, it is equally important to get to know the locations for the different competitions and get an impression of what materials and equipment will be needed.

Last, but not least, the meeting will give the experts an opportunity to socialize and perhaps develop new ideas for cooperation.

Program for the meeting between experts in Tornio