ArcticSkills19 Newsletter #3

Newsletter # 3 AS19

News from the meeting between experts, Kirkenes 27th of November

We have already informed you about the results of the meetings in the professional networks in Kirkenes in November. The meeting was a success, although we missed many of the Finnish experts. In spite of that, we managed to discuss most of the tasks and criteria for AS19, and the experts got an impression of the arenas for the competition. These meetings are also arenas for social networking, and continued cooperation. Most of the networks want to continue the work with the tasks by e-mail or phone, but if necessary, they can arrange meetings in person.

For detailed information, please visit the website.

Information from the Board

The Board had its second meeting in Murmansk on the 7th of December with the attendance of board members from Kirkenes and Murmansk. Due to problems of getting visas, the board members from Lappia, Tornedalsskolan and SOGSAKK/ Inari were unable to attend. An attempt to connect by Skype failed, and an agreement to arrange a meeting in Tornio with the Finnish and Swedish representatives was made. This meeting was carried out by Skype with the presence of Trond Hansen, Sanna Laihinen and peter Mariin. The meetings focused on the status of our application to the Kolarctic CBC program and the preparations of ArcticSkills 2019 in Kirkenes.

The Kolarctic CBC application

During the autumn of 2018, we have worked intensively with an application to The Kolarctic Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) program. The application was submitted on the 20th of December. If we succeed to get a grant, ArcticSkills will enter a three years project period with new challenges, better financing and a more professional administration structure. It is important to notice that a possible grant will have no effect on this years’ Tournament in Kirkenes. The final decision will not be made before 1st of June, and this date will eventually mark the start of the new project. Personally, I do not think that we shall have too high expectations of a grant, but if the application addresses problems that are important in the Kolarctic CBC program, and otherwise meets the quality demands of the decision makers, there might be a hope. If we do not succeed to get a grant, we shall have to continue as to day. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

Co-financing from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat

In January, we have had a meeting with the Norwegian Barents Secretariat to discuss a three years’ co-financing. The signals from the Secretariat are rather positive:

On the 17th of January, they will open a new application form with the possibility of applying for a three years financing. This will be of great value to us, not only for the co-financing in the Kolarctic application, but if we fail to get a grant from Kolarctic, we can apply for financing from the Barents secretariat with a longer perspective.

The application will be submitted on the 1st of February, but the grants will not be decided before December 2019, and therefore contribute to the arrangements in 2020 – 2022.

Co-financing from Nordplus junior

In addition to the applications to Kolarctic and the Barents secretariat, we are now preparing an application to a program called Nordplus junior (NPJR), funded by the Nordic Council. Like the other programs, NPJR has a three years’ perspective. The deadline is 1st of February, and a possible grant cannot be given before 1st of June.

Financial status for AS 19

The future may look bright, but for this year’s arrangement, we must deal within the grants that are given. Here are the facts and numbers:

Grant from Barents secretariat                        460 000 NOK

Grant from the North Calotte Council            100 000 NOK

Grant from the County of Finnmark               400 000 NOK

Grant from the Educational department       150 000 NOK

This leaves us with a total of 1,1 mill NOK, and we have to keep the costs within these frames. The local organization committee are now working with the sponsors, and if we add the calculated partners’ shares, there is still a good chance that the arrangement will have the same quality as last years.

Important to notice!

The Board has decided that there shall be no limitation of age in the ArcticSkills competition. The criteria for participation is that the competitors are students in a vocational skills program!

ArcticSkills 2019. Status of preparations.

The steering committee at Kirkenes Upper secondary School has made a final decision of the program for the Tournament in April:

Monday 8th of April  
1200-1600 Arrival of teams from Russia, Finland and Sweden Early check in Thon Hotel  
1700-1900 Visit competition arenas Kirkenes vocational school
1915- Late check in Thon Hotel
Thon Hotel
2000 Opening ceremony with dinner
Tuesday 9th of April  
0800 Arrival competition arena Kirkenes vocational school
0830 Competition start
1130-1230 Lunch
1600 Competition end
1800-2000 Prizing and closing ceremony with banquet Thon Hotel
Wednesday 10th of April  
0800- Departure  

The competition program in Kirkenes 2019

The program for the competitions has been presented in a former newsletter, and is still unchanged. For more detailed information, we invite you to check the information from the meeting between the experts on our website. Anyway, here is a reminder:

Existing competitions

  1. Building constructions
  2. Car painting
  3. Cooks
  4. Electrician
  5. Hairdresser (including 1. year apprentices from Norway)
  6. Heavy machinery operator
  7. Decorative painting of interiors
  8. IT-service
  9. Motor vehicle mechanic, light-duty vehicles
  10. Plumber
  11. Reindeer operations (new name for reindeer herding)
  12. Welder

Modified competitions

  1. Duodji, hard materials
  2. Health and social care ( team competition from 2019)

New competitions

  1. Waiter
  2. Tourism (demonstration in 2019)

Competitions with responsibility other than Kirkenes upper secondary school

  • Decorative painting of interiors:

Kirkenes build the scenery, and provide equipment, Tornio make tasks and arrange the competition

  • IT-service:

Alta vgs, Arnulf Nielsen (school in Norway) make tasks and arrange the competition

  • Reindeer Operations:

The Sami school in Kautokeino make tasks and arrange the competition

  • Duodji, hard materials:

The Sami schools in Kautokeino and Inari make tasks and arrange the competition. Kirkenes clarifies the responsibilities, and informs the board about the decisions.

  • Tourism (demonstration in 2019)

MTCS (Murmansk) take responsibility for the tasks and for arranging the competition

Deadline for registration of participants and experts to AS19 is set to week 10/2019.  

Name of competitors must be send to