Workshop ArcticSkills 2019

Welcome to the ArcticSkills workshop 2019!

The ArcticSkills partnership today consists of 25 vocational schools and colleges from the counties of Norrbotten, Lappi, Murmansk and Finnmark. We pursue a common goal of increased status and recruitment, improved results in education, higher graduation and better access to vocational skilled workers for enterprises in their regions.

We know for a fact, that these goals are shared among educators, politicians and in business, and are expressed in many plans and agreements of cooperation between the Northers counties. To reach these goals, ArcticSkills has to cooperate with and seek support from all who share an interest for a positive development of vocational skills. We want to include businesses and enterprises into the project, and we want to use our project to make young people aware of the possibilities of getting education and work in the neighbouring areas.

This is why we invite you to take part in a dialogue on how we can contribute to enhance cooperation in the labour market and between educational institutes in the Northern region. We have invited to the table a panel of persons with different backgrounds and perspectives, but with a common interest of cross border cooperation. We want to listen and learn, and we want to seek new opportunities in order to exploit the full potential of the ArcticSkills partnership. Here is some information about the event.

The event will take place on Monday 8th of April 17-19 at Scandic Hotel. We can offer you a cup of coffee and a cake in a rather informal atmosphere before the opening ceremony and dinner. The dialogue will become better with comments and questions from the audience. Your host will be Øystein Hansen, principal of Kirkenes Upper Secondary School, and the debate will be moderated by Anne Figenschou, Barents institute, Norwegian Arctic University

Subject for discussion: How can we contribute to enhance cross border cooperation in the labour market and education. Obstacles, possibilities and solutions.

Participants on the panel:

  • Remi Strand, Leader of the North Calotte Council
  • Tarjei Jensen Bech, Vice chairman of the County of Finnmark
  • Leif Lahti, Principal of Utbildning Nord
  • Bjørn Johansen, Leader of LO (the trade union) in  Finnmark
  • Trond Haukanes, Secretary of Øst-Finnmark Regionråd,
  • Unni Sildnes, Senior adviser at UiT –Norges arktiske universitet
  • Kåre Tannvik, Manager at Kirkenes Snowhotel
  • Jan Martin Solstad, Kolarctic CBC Finnmark fylke
  • Jenny Spring, The Norwegian Barents Secretariat
  • Øystein Hansen, principal Kirkenes Upper Secondary School