ArcticSkills project update report

KO4035 ArcticSkills project update 07.09. 2020

Status of this report

This report is part of a project update for the period September 2019-September 2020. The period does not coincide totally with the actual project period as described in the Activity planner, starting January 2020, but since some activities were planned and implemented during the autumn of 2019, they will be included in this report. These activities are not financed by the EU Grant, but by private co-financing such as The Norwegian Barents Secretariat and Nordplus junior, or by own financing.

In accordance with MA, the first interim report is postponed until December 2020. This report will therefore focus mostly on the activities. A full evaluation of the goal achievements so far in the project will be part of the coming interim report.

The full report can be downloaded: