The secret of excellent craftmanship

The secret of excellent craftmanship

The final of the eigth national Russian championship “Young professionals” has started.

Five cameras are constantly filming. To complete the task it takes 2 working days or 16 hours. Every step and action is observed by experts, both online and those present at the competition arena.

In the WorldSkills Russia final in the competence of tile setting, we find the third grader Vjatsjeslav Kotljarov, on home ground, working on the walls of the H.E. Momota building college, representing the county of Murmansk.

The vice principal of the college, Nadjesjda Bessonova, presents her student with great proudness. He is now specializing as a technical building constructor. The college offers specialization in three professions: painting, building or tile setting, and as a tile setter, Vjatsjesalv will be highly valuated and requested. He has been heading for top quality for a long time already, having victories in similar championships.

The national final of WorldSkills Russia has been going on since 2013. Students from professional colleges and technicums, age from 16 to 22 years can take part, and there is also a special class for juniors up to age sixteen.

This year the final is arranged in September 6 -21, more than 2800 participants from all over Russia, and even some from abroad appear on a multiple of screens. Compared with 700 from 2018 and last year’s 1500, the progress is quite impressive even in an international context.

The brandmark of this year’s final is its digital approach. For the first time the final takes place on everybody’s homeground, that is the students’ own colleges, transmitted to the screen of different social networks. Responsible for the arrangement are the federal authorities of Education and WorldSkills Russia, along with the local authorities of Kusbass, who are “hosting” the Competition, and the Organization ANO, Agency for strategic Initiative in Russia.

The competition includes 130 competences from seven different blocks of professions: building and building technology, information and communication technology, handicraft and design, production and engineering, services, transport and logistics and at last; education.

Students from Murmansk participate in 17 of the competences.

The assessment of the students’ performances is arranged online. The completion process is observed by experts from the home region by means of online visual control. What appears impossible to assess online, is sent by express post to the Competition Centre in Kusbass or to similar centres in Moscow or Kazan.

The business program of the final is also arranged online in form of webinars, discussions and workshops on the site

The program consists of debates upon how to develop professional standards and educate students of different educational institutes, as well as coordinating and sharing knowledge between them. Online you can also take part in different “challenges” like developing new competences or recruiting activities as “Try-a-skill”. In short, the official site contains a lot of possibilities to interactively take part in a wide range of activities with the goal of recruiting future young professionals.

To quote the director of “Young professionals”, Robert Urasov, the most important challenge now is to develop skills to face any situation. This ability is needed in a competition, where you have to act quickly and accurately, because there is a wide range of possibilities to solve the tasks. Of course, he also underlined the promising possibilities that awaits the winners in the competition, both in the labour market and professional education.

The prize-winner’s ceremonies will go on along with the competitions in form of an online marathon as the competences finish their events. The final ceremony will take place on September 21. Then all the winners will be presented in order of their medals.

And like the students from each college are supporting their candidates, Vjatsjeslav Kotljarov is supported by his classmates and teachers.