ArcticSkills 2021

If we succeed in our planning, Utbildning Nord will be the host and coordinator of ArcticSkills 2021 Tournament, adjusted to the COVID-19 situation

ArcticSkills 2021 back on track?

After the cancellation of ArcticSkills 2020 due to the spike of Covid-19, there has been some uncertainty of the future arrangements. The Board has been aware of the dangers of losing momentum and is now on track for an alternative way of arranging the Tournament.

A new concept

Before we have an effective vaccination program, we can not expect to go on with the activities as planned. That is why alternative plans has been discussed in the Board during the autumn meetings, and there are hopes that they have found a solution that can lead to a competition in March 2021. The solution will of course be based on local arrangements, coordinated and hosted by Utbildning Nord and Gränsälvsgymnasiet in Övertorneå, distributed by digital tools. This is the main concept; however, the solutions will differ from one competence to another.

Experts seeking practical solutions

As we speak, the networks are gathering on Teams discussing tasks, assessment criteria and plans for competitions according to the drafted principles. Each network will come up with a draft for their competition. Some of these drafts will be presented for the Board in their next meeting December 3. If the Board finds these solutions economically and technologically realistic, and the Managing Authority of Kolarctic gives us a green light, they will decide whether we shall arrange AS21. The project manager Robert Flatli, who together with Joakim Pettersen oversees the planning, is quite optimistic, and so are the experts. Hopefully, we will be able to give you a positive and more detailed answer before Christmas.