Success for Team Murmansk in the national championship of World Skills Russia

In September this year, more than 2800 Russian competitors from 83 regions, met online to compete in “Young professionals”, the biggest and most prestigious competition in vocational skills between students and young pupils in Russia. The students competed in 129 competences, while the juniors competed in 71.

The team from Murmansk counted 20 students, and ended up as number 38 among 83 participating regions. Their best achievement was a bronze medal and three “medallions” for professional performances.

Angelina Botacheva from School number 37 in Murmansk was awarded the bronze medal in Health Services in her group. The medallions were awarded to Igor Zujev from Murmansk Industrial College for his performance in the competition of Engineering Design (CAD), Magikhalum Akhmedova from Murmansk Medical College in Health services and the hairdresser Sofia Sambor, who is a trainee at the Center Profstart.

Preparing the team for their success we can find familiar names from the ArcticSkills competitions, such as Natalja Katsjalova and Valentina Ustjantseva from the Medical College, as well as Viktor Olkin from The Industrial College. From the center of “Profstart” participated Julia Slepukhina.