Ready, set and go for ArcticSkills 21

After two weeks of intensive and creative work between the experts, 12 networks have given a green light for what is called “a distance competition with digital support.” The drafts from three of the networks were presented and debated in the Board meeting December 3rd, and the Board gave the ideas their hearty support. This means that ArcticSkills 21 will be arranged in a Covid-19 version, hosted by Gränsälvsgymnasiet and Utbildning Nord, however, with competition arenas spread all over the Barents region.

The competences, which have given a positive response, are Hairdresser, Travel and Tourism, Motor vehicle mechanic, Building construction, Waiter, Cook, Plumber, Welder, Car painting, Health and social care and Electrician

We are still waiting for a confirmation from the competences Reindeer operation, Duodji, Painting and Heavy machinery operator, while this year’s competence for demonstration Photo, has declared their interest, but we must wait for a plan from the experts.

For the experts, this means that they can continue to work on tasks and assessment criteria in their networks.

A working group consisting of representatives from Sweden (the organizer) and representatives from the lead partner (KVGS) will be appointed to prepare an overall directive that regulates competition in terms of administrative matters / implementation (rules and regulations).
The first meeting of this working group will be held on Monday, December 7th
A complete plan will be presented on January 14th, 2021.

According to the preliminary plan, ArcticSkills will be arranged on Tuesday March 23rd, starting with an Opening Ceremony and closed with an Award Ceremony, conducted by the Swedish hosts.

The car painters are properly equipped to meet the corona virus! (Picture from the competition i Tornio 2017)