Get down to business – with a twinkle in your eye! Young professionals show their skills in Murmansk

The VI Regional Championship “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) has started. It is supported by the Government of the Murmansk Region and is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science and the WorldSkills Russia regional coordination center.

Over the past decades, 84 countries have joined WorldSkills. The first Russian championship within its framework was held in 2013. Our country in the international organization WSI is represented by a non-profit organization Union “Young Professionals”, the purpose of which is to popularize vocational professions, improve training standards, and improve the qualifications of workers. The Murmansk region has been participating in this movement since 2014.

The amount of competencies is growing
This year, nine new competencies have been added to the program of the regional championship: “Milling work on CNC machines”, “Additive manufacturing”, “Sheet metal processing”, “Labor protection”, “Banking”, “Carpentry”, “Operation and maintenance of an apartment building “,” Air transport service “,” Mobile robotics (juniors) “.

In total, the regulations of the regional championship declared 37 competitive competencies for the main age group and juniors, as well as seven in the category “Skills of the wise” – for those over fifty.
Competitions are held on the grounds of 12 regional colleges, the Laplandia Center for Continuing Education, and Murmansk Airport.

More competitors
The championship is attended by 304 competitors and more than 350 experts, including both Murmansk specialists and representatives from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
On February 15, the grand opening took place in the online format. The competitions started Tuesday February 16, master classes and career guidance events, as well as the business program of the championship.

High demands
Participants will face difficult competitive tests. Actually, they have already begun. And young professionals share their first impressions. Someone has taken part in these competitions not for the first time. Some, like Alexei Bogdanovskij, a student at the Murmansk Industrial College, started out as junior, and now he feels confident in the main group.

The future is here
On the basis of the MIC, within the framework of WorldSkills, competitions are now being held in eight competencies, including for the first time in labor protection and additive technologies. The latter is also called 3D printing, this craft is familiar to children involved in robotics, who use a 3D pen to learn how to create all sorts of crafts. Well, in production, these technologies make it possible to manufacture parts and objects of complex configuration without additional processing. Having mastered the 3D pen, grown-up children want more and now come to MIC and ask to write them down using additive technologies. The guys are slightly ahead of their time: recruitment for this direction will begin here next year.But today it is already one of the competencies of the competition for young professionals.

Other colleges in the area also have a competitive spirit these days. Tired but lively participants from classrooms, laboratories, workshops, where they had just reported, told, showed with what baggage of knowledge and skills they will enter professional life.
Summing up and closing of the regional championship will be held on February 20 in an online format.

This article is written by Galina Dvoretskaja and published in Murmanskij Vestnik, February 17 2020. ArcticSkills is responsible for the translation