Key players in ArcticSkills 2021

A digital tournament of the dimension of this year’s ArcticSkills, takes a lot of planning and efforts in many fields. The main responsibility for ArcticSkills 2021 has been carried out by the Arctic Vocational Foundation, better known as Utbildning Nord, and the college Gränsälvsgymnasiet. Their studio will be the stage for the stream from the competitions and the ceremonies, and make sure that vocational education will be in the focus of everybody’s attention. From left: Mattias Söder (Training Manager, Utbildning Nord), Leif Lahti (Director, Utbildning Nord), Eeva Sauri (Communications Specialist, Utbildning Nord), Katarina Lindberg (Head of Gränsälvsgymnasiet in Övertorneå. Foto from Eeva Sauri

The main task is of course to organize the digital competitions, to elaborate the tasks and assessment criteria, to coordinate the planning in the 17 networks, which are involved, to find the right solution for transmitting the performance of the competitors and to create guidelines for the transmission so that the competitors can feel safe that they are judged by the same standards. The man in the middle of this maze is the coordinator of the lead experts, Joakim Pettersen, from Kirkenes Upper Secondary, who with a firm hand and bright mind has coordinated the experts. This week they will perform a test of the transmission between the countries. If all goes well the next step will be the Tournament on Tuesday 23.