Taisto Arkko retires after a good job for REDU and ArcticSkills



The Principal of Lapland Educational Centre REDU in Rovaniemi,Taisto Arkko, is leaving the Board of ArcticSkills. Taisto entered the Board in 2020 when REDU became a full partner. His efforts, and the competence of his organization has increasingly contributed to the development of ArcticSkills. We will miss his wise arguments and planning ability.

The Head of Division Hannu Uimaniemi, is going to take his place in the meetings of the Board of ArcticSkills on behalf of Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education (REDU)/Lapland Education Centre REDU, held after 25th May 2022.

Hannu Uilmaniemi is also in charge of the ArcticSkills project in REDU.”


On behalf of the entire board Øystein Hansen thanked Taisto for his cooperation and commitment throughout his tenure at ArcticSkills. As proof of our gratitude, Taisto was awarded: “ArcticSkills Lead partners certificate of honour”, We wish Taisto all the best in his new position as Pensioner.