The Board of ArcticSkills strengthens nordic ties.

At a Board meeting at Tornedalsskolan in Haparanda on May 24, it was decided to continue the cooperation in ArcticSkills between the Nordic partners. The Board elaborated plans for three major events in 2023. The competition itself will take place in Rovaniemi, but with assistance from Lappia and Soggsakk. All Nordic partners will join forces to bring about a powerful conclusion of the project.

During the winter of 2023, participants and experts in ArcticSkills will participate in an exchange program in the various countries. The goal is to gain knowledge about educational programs and professional practice in the high north. The measure has been on the agenda for several years, but its implementation has been hampered by the pandemic. Now it will finally be carried out: “We aim for the fact that before we take the summer holidays that competences and weeks are planned and determined. Then we can start detailed exchange planning in the autumn” explains the Chair, Svein Tore Jakobsen.

The board also agreed to work for an extension and sustainability of the project, and the focus is already set  on 2024 and the years to come. The project manager, Robert Flatli confirmed that “We will apply for an extension of the implementation period until May 2023. Request for change will be sent in Promas within a weeks’ time, including information about possibilities for a 2024 competition”