A promising and successful Board meeting in Hammerfest



The Board of ArcticSkills had a fruitful meeting in Hammerfest from Wednesday Thursday September 1. A brief summary from the project manager, Robert Flatli, confirms that the Board made important plans for the future, prepared ArcticSkills 23 in Rovaniemi, and presented a plan for the exchange of students and experts during the winter of 23. Although the ArcticSkills project is nearing its completion, it is clear that the Board has intentions to continue the collaboration in the years to come.
The program in Hammerfest was exciting and varied. Chairman Svein Tore Jakobsen gave the guests a brief introduction to the city’s history before getting down to business. During the day they discussed the coming exchange program, Hannu Uimaniemi presented the platforms for ArcticSkills 23 in Rovaniemi, and the project manager briefed them on the financial and narrative reports.
The issue that created the most optimism was the news that Kolartic MA has granted the request to extend the project until May 2023. The financial basis has thus been laid for the events next year, and it was meaningful to discuss different ideas about the continuation of ArcticSkills in the future.
The meeting ended with a fantastic boat trip in the archipelago between the islands Seiland, Kvaløya and Sørøya and Kamøya. The board members could both enjoy tasty local food in Akkarfjord and a spectacular view in clear sunshine. The meeting was a good start for the collaboration in 2023.
Photo: Svein Tore Jakobsen