Extended implementation period for ArcticSkills. Ending May 31, 2023

Kan være et bilde av tre og utendørs

The pandemic and Russia’s war against Ukraine, have had serious impact on the implementation of the planned events of ArcticSkills. Most likely we would never have been able to carry out neither the Tournament itself, nor the meetings in the Board and between the experts, if not for the creativity and strong will to find alternative solutions.
However, the tournament was only one of several planned activities which was necessary in order to achieve our ambitious goals to connect education and enterprises in the high north. Most important in this regard has been the plan for exchanging students and experts for the purpose of getting international practice in Nordic enterprises.
This is one of the reasons why we made a request to our Managing authority, asking for permission to extend the implementation period with one year, ending May 31, 2023. We are now pleased to inform all our participants, that the request has been granted, enabling us to arrange a grand final of ArcticSkills at REDU in Rovaniemi, intentionally March 20 – 21, 2023.
The grant also gives us the opportunity to carry out the exchange program in February 2023. We will post a more detailed presentation of the program later this week, but the project management and the regional coordinators are already eagerly engaged in the planning.
As you can see, the flag is on the top of the pole at REDU, next year’s host of ArcticSkills