About us

The competition took place for the first time in Kirkenes the 10th-11th May of 2016. ArcticSkills is a vocational competition between the provinces Murmansk, Lapland and Finnmark.

This is meant to be an annual competition that runs on crossroads between countries. In 2017 the event was added to Murmansk.

Why ArcticSkills?

Vocational competitions are a method of showing, building vocational pride, motivating and lifting vocational subjects.
People to people co-operation are also an important part of the area of ​​efforts in the Barents region.

Subjects that are included

It has been difficult to decide which subjects to compete in, because we had to find subjects that exist in the three counties that participate. We also have wanted to limit the scope of subjects in the first place. The number of subjects included will likely be adjusted up or down as ArcticSkills progresses in the coming years.  Here are the 11 subjects we have agreed upon:

Car repairer and varnishes
health worker
Automotive lightweight vehicles
Construction machinery operation
Design and Duodji
Representatives and classes

Each country must take out its students. For Finnmark's part, we work on the following model:
First school competition in each of the subjects, the winners of the school competitions meet in a Finnmark championship where the winner becomes the one who goes on to the main competition ArcticSkills in April 2018.