Övertorneå 2020

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AS20 – Newsletter #1

Newsletter # 1 AS20 Newsletter # 1 AS20 cover the period from April to September 2019. For detailed information and minutes, please visit the website. Board meetings April – September The Kolarctic CBC application News from the expert meeting in Övertorneå ArcticSkills 2020 – preparations and timetable AS 20 Competiton […]

Board and Expert meeting 24th of September

Final invitation and program for the meeting in the Board and Experts of ArcticSkills in Övertorneå, 24th of September 2019. I hereby have the pleasure of inviting you to the kick-off of ArcticSkills 2019-2022 in Övertorneå, at Utbildning Nord. Travel Day:                        September 23rd Arrival date:                       September 24th Meeting:                                […]