Minutes from the board meeting June 2020

The meeting was held on Teams and everyone participated online from their own places due to the COVID19 situation. It was a good solution when the borders are closed.

Utbildning Nord

YRKESTÄVLINGEN ARCTICSKILLS I ÖVERTORNEÅ STÄLLS IN! Nordnorge införde först reseförbud för alla skolor och även skolorna i finska Inari har infört reseförbud. Det fick konsekvenser i Övertorneå – tävlingsledningen för yrkestävlingen ArcticSkills ställer in tävlingen i Övertorneå. Igår kom även beslutet att skolorna i Nordnorge stänger från måndag. Den 30 […]

ArcticSkills 2020 cancelled

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen The Chair in coorporation with the Lead partner and Utbilding Nord has  decided to cancell  ArcticSkills 2020 competition because of coronavirus disease. We will give you more information as soon as we have sorted out more details. Please inform your experts, students and partners involved […]

Signing of the grant contract

Dear partners The Kolarctic application is now aproved by MA. Øystein signed the Grant contract right after it appeared on his desk. What a great Christmas present it was be for all of us!! During the last weeks ArcticSkills has received good news from our benefactors. We have got a […]

Finnmarksmesterskapet 20

The national competition that qualifies for ArcticSkills 2020 and tne Norwegian championship (Skole-NM), are arranged in Kirkenes the 28th of January. The tasks are distributed in the networks.