Invitation and meeting between the experts

181101_Invitation and program for the meeting between experts in Kirkenes November 2018     Joakim Pettersen Pia Niemi Tiisu-Maria Näkäläjärvi Sara Ellen Anne Eira Annti Päivärinta Sanna Laihinnen Ville Määttä Peter Mariin Kari Tikkala Elena Rudnik Elena Zubritskaya     Invitation and program for the meeting between the ArcticSkills networks […]

10 000 Euro from the North Calotte Council

We are happy to inform that the North Calotte Council made their decision 15th of October, and granted the applied sum of 10 000 Euro for ArcticSkills 2019. This gives us an opportunity to continue the good work with preparing for the next tournament in Kirkenes, the next thing planed is […]

ArcticSkills19 Newsletter #2

181020_Newsletter #2         Information from the board meeting at Thon hotel in Kirkenes, 16th and 17th of October 2018 Participants: From Finnmark fylkeskommune Svein Tore Jakobsen, special adviser in the Educational Department Trond Hansen, Consultant ArcticSkills Robert H Flatli, Consultant ArcticSkills Øystein Hansen, Headmaster of the college […]

Skolekonkurranse som metode – Alta 17. og 18. september

 Fylkeskommunen og ArcticSkillsSkolekonferanse i Finnmark om skolekonkurranser som metodeFinnmark Fylkeskommune/Kirkenes videregående skole og ArcticSkills gjennomførte en konferanse i Alta 17.og 18.september med tittelen «Skolekonkurranser som metode i undervisningen for å fremme læring og motivasjon hos elever, øke gjennomføringen i videregående skole og økt rekruttering til yrkesfag. Styreleder i ArcticSkills Svein […]

ArcticSkills19 Newsletter #1

180619_Newsletter #1     Newsletter # 1 2018   Information from the board meeting in Ivalo, May 2018   Changes in the organization   Svein Tore Jakobsen, special adviser from the county of Finnmark, was elected Chairman of the Board of ArcticSkills. He informed the board that Kirkenes comprehensive School […]

Lappia and Tornio took ArcticSkills one step further

Three years ago, we launched the pre-project ArcticSkills. Since then the competition has been developed through competitions in Kirkenes, Murmansk and, this year, in Tornio, Finland. Moreover, let there be no doubt, the pilot has landed on solid ground and is ready for a new take-off. If we succeed in […]