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Уважаемый Тронд! От имени  делегации Мурманской области выражаем  благодарность организаторам соревнований  ArcticSkills 2018 в г.Торнио. Соревнования ArcticSkills были  организованы финской стороной на высоком уровне, на площадках наблюдалась  доброжелательная атмосфера,  обеспечено справедливое судейство участников соревнований.      Члены делегации,  участники и эксперты российской стороны удовлетворены содержанием деловой программы,  результатами соревнований и в […]

Signing a new agreement for ArcticSkills

The tree year pilot period of ArcticSkills are now coming to an end. The partnership for ArcticSkills who are  Murmansk Oblast Russia, Lappland Finland and Finnmark Norway whises to continue this colaboration. So an agremment for that was signed in Tornio also including the north of Sweden.

Live stream

Room 1 – Coock and health care Room 2 – Building construction and plumber  Room 3 – Light Vehicle Technician and Hevy macinery operator Room 4 – Doudji and IKT service

Youtube: Opening ceremony on Thuesday 17th of April at 18.00 – 19.00 Closing ceremony on Wedensday 18th of April at 17.30 – 18.30


180409_work-shop in Tornio Work-shop/round-table discussion   Tuesday 17th of April, 09:45-11:30   Moderator: Trond Hansen   How can we enhance the possibilities of exchange of students and apprenticesin the Barents region? Contributions to the debate and participants in the panel (10-15minutes)

ArcticSkills 2018 in Tornio

Program AS2018 Final round for the best trade skilled students in the Barents region. The international trade skills competition, ArcticSkills, has set its arenas in Tornio this year, more precisely to the campus of the Vocational College Lappia, on the 17th and 18th of April. This is the third time […]

ArcticSkills 18 Norwegian information

Informasjon om ArcticSkills 2018 i Tornio til deltakere, eksperter og gjester   Vi har nå lagt Finnmarksmesterskapet bak oss og kan begynne å forberede oss til ArcticSkills den 17. og 18. april, og Skole-NM. Informasjon om Skole-NM vil bli sendt ut i eget skriv. Dette skrivet gjelder ArcticSkills, og her […]

Expert meeting at Lappia Nov 9th 2017 – summary.

The first meeting among the experts in ArcticSkills 2018 took place at the Vocational College Lappia hosted by Antti Päivärinta and his Staff. Officials from FI, RU, NO and SWE: Antti Päivärinta                      Lappia Sanna Lahinen                       Lappia Tiisu-Maria Nakkalajärvi    The Sámi Education Institute Jelena Rudnik                         Murmansk Kari Tikklala                           Tornedalsskolan […]

550 000 NOK from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat

The Norwegian Barents secretariat has granted next year’s Arctic Skills tournament in Tornio 550 000 NOK. This is a reduction compared to last year’s contribution, but anyway a substantial help in financing the project. We are immensely grateful for their support! We are still waiting for an answer to our application […]