The Board

The ArcticSkills Board 2017

From the Murmansk region

Elena Doronina
Leader of the department of vocational education at the Ministry of Education and Sciences

From The Lappi region

Liisa Holmberg
Headmaster of the Sami Educational Institute, Inari

Virpi Lilja
Headmaster for the vocational institute of Lappia, Tornio, Kemi, Kittilä, Tervola and Muonio

From the region of Norrbotten

Peter Mariin
Headmaster of the vocational institute Tornedalsskolan, Haparanda

From the county of Finnmark

Trond Hansen
Consultant with the Training Department, Finnmark County

Project Manager: Trond Hansen

Project Consultant: Robert Flatli, Eastern Finnmark Interdisciplinary Training Office