ArcticSkills on the grounds of UTAC testing centre in Ivalo

Between the sessions of the Board meeting in Ivalo, the participants visited the facilities of the testing centre UTAC in Ivalo. The visit was arranged by Director of Education Ilkka Korhonen from the Municipality of Inari, and the Board was guided through the program by Director Susan Vuoariaro, who gave […]

Murmansk Technological College of Services – 55 years in business

ArcticSkills congratulates one of its most valued and dedicated partners in Murmansk Murmansk Technological College of Service celebrates the 55th anniversary of its foundation. Governor Andrey Chibis visited the educational institution. “It’s great that the Murmansk Technological College of Service has a huge number of smart, talented and proactive students. […]

Still uncertainty about AS 22 in Murmansk

At a meeting in Ivalo on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 October, the Board discussed various alternatives for the implementation of ArcticSkills 2022. We know for a fact that there is a serious spike of Covid 19 in Russia which has forced the country into a temporary lockdown. The situation […]

ArcticSkills in a high profiled Barents webinar

The Project owner and chair of the Board, Øystein Hansen and Svein Tore Jacobsen presented ArcticSkills in a webinar about: COOPERATION FOR A KNOWLEDGE-BASED BARENTS REGION. The webinar gathered many important representatives from different authorities and educational institutions in the Barents region. As you ca see from the record […]

An Interreg presentation of ArcticSkills

We know for a fact that ArcticSkills draws international attention. This lates presentation was made on the webpage of Interreg. Unfortunately it is in Norwegian, but most of the text is familiar to us, and quotations from our own presentations Internasjonal konkurranse mellom elever i yrkesfag

Excellent performance in national competition

The hairdressers from Kirkenes Upper Secondary School competed among the best students in the country, and succeeded. Coached by their teachers Ellen Kristoffersen and Tora Amundsen, Tiril Mari Kolpus Lie, Martine Bækø Eilertsen, Helene-Emilie Johansen and Anastasia Potapova won a silver medal in competition with students from all over Norway […]

Greetings from the Chair after the conclusion of ArcticSkills 21

The evening has come, and we have eaten well together with the staff and students from all over Finnmark who participated on the arenas in Kirkenes. We are really impressed by how you carried out the event as hosts of ArcticSkills 2021. Well done! The program was very good and […]