Invitation and meeting between the experts



Joakim Pettersen

Pia Niemi

Tiisu-Maria Näkäläjärvi

Sara Ellen Anne Eira

Annti Päivärinta

Sanna Laihinnen

Ville Määttä

Peter Mariin

Kari Tikkala

Elena Rudnik

Elena Zubritskaya



Invitation and program for the meeting between the ArcticSkills networks in Kirkenes 26th and 27th of November 2018


The board has decided that there will be a meeting between the experts in Kirkenes 26th and 27th of November. We have experienced that a meeting in November is necessary to get a good kick-off for the preparations of the competitions, and gives us time for continued cooperation in the networks before the tournament in April 2019.


This information will be posted on our website, and sent to the coordinators for the networks in Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway to further it to the experts. The coordinators will take responsibility for lists of names, visa applications (if needed), transport (in cooperation with the colleges), and send the information before November 15th to:


Joakim Pettersen:

Robert H Flatli:
Trond Hansen:


Program for the meeting.


Thon Hotel, Kirkenes.
Address: Johan Knudtzens gate 11, 9900 Kirkenes


The rooms and meals are prepaid by the project.


Date of arrival: Monday 26th of November

Arrival and registration at Hotel Thon before 16:00

Dinner at the hotel at 7 p.m.


On arrival day there will be coffee waiting for you, but you must arrange for lunch on the road, and keep a receipt for the expenses



Date, time and location of the meeting:

Tuesday 27th of November, 08:00-14:00 local time at the College of Kirkenes


Program for the meeting, Tuesday 27th of November


Welcome by Øystein Hansen, principal Kirkenes


A short presentation of the participants and the networks


Arctic Skills news and status of preparations


Coffee break


Work in the networks.

Last years’ competition and ideas for improvements?

Tasks and assessment criteria.

The Finnish experts will bring last year’s tasks in word-files to the meeting

Interpreters will be available




Summary in plenum, with coffee







Welcome to Kirkenes


Joakim Pettersen

In behalf of the steering committee in Kirkenes