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Key players in ArcticSkills 2021

A digital tournament of the dimension of this year’s ArcticSkills, takes a lot of planning and efforts in many fields. The main responsibility for ArcticSkills 2021 has been carried out by the Arctic Vocational Foundation, better known as Utbildning Nord, and the college Gränsälvsgymnasiet. Their studio will be the stage […]

Tuesday March 23. Live digital streaming of ArcticSkills 2021

The Arcic Vocational Foundation and College Gränsälvsgymnasiet in Övertorneå On 23 March, ArcticSkills 2021 is taking place digitally, and the Arctic Vocational Foundation (Stiftelsen Nordkalotten) together with the sixth form college Gränsälvsgymnasiet is hosting the event. Last year, when the competition was due to take place in Övertorneå, we were […]