New steps on the road to ArcticSkills 23 in Rovaniemi.

At a board meeting in Levi, important plans for the near and distant future were presented. Mia Lukkarila and Hannu Uimaniemi from REDU presented the scheme for the competition in March. Many details are in place, and the conclusion and the grand finale will be worthily marked in Lapland’s capital. The plans for the exchange of students and experts in February will also soon be ready. Participants will receive interesting lessons both in schools and workplaces, in addition to social programs. The board meeting also discussed ideas for a sustainable future with a view to making decisions at the board meeting in December.

The board met in pleasant surroundings at REDU’s well-being center Wellevi not far from the center of the alpine center Levi, and the board members received interesting presentations of both the center and the remarkable development  in Kittilä and Levi by Katariina Palola, Director of Economic Development at Kideve/Kittilä. The Photo shows her presentation with Hannu Uimaniemi from REDU in the middle.