Kick-off for the ArcticSkills events in Rovaniemi 2023

Mattias Söder on behalf of Utbildning Nord is handing over the baton to Hannu Uimaniemi from REDU. 

Last week’s meeting in Rovaniemi launched all the events for the grand final of ArcticSkills 2023. The experts came together for the last preparations of the tasks and assessment criterias before the Tournament. The Board met with the Managing Authority in an attempt to find new pathways for ArcticSkills after 2023, and the finance people put their heads together to prepare for the last interim report and the final report next year.


The exchange

The main focus was, of course, the arrangements for the students in February and March. Most of the plans concerning the exchange are now ready, except for some minor details. A plan for the exchange will be posted on the webpage as soon as it is finished, but we can assure the students that they will experience useful learning in both enterprises and schools, in addition to social events in the afternoons and evenings. They can look forward to interesting acquaintances with fellow students from the neighbouring countries, and week of language training as well. This is a fine opportunity to brush up their English.


The Tournament

It is now clear that REDU and Rovaniemi will host all the competences during the ArcticSkills final in March. We have great expectations to this solution. The finalists will have a bigger audience, well equipped arenas, good surroundings for social meetings, and a grand stage in the City Hall of Lappi for the opening and closing ceremonies.  For sure the Tournament has a good chance to attract media interest. The digital experience in 2021 was a huge step forward, but no doubt Rovaniemi will take ArcticSkills to a scale and form which the students and experts deserve.