KO4035 ArcticSkills has landed – a new ArcticSkills is ready for take off

KO4035 ArcticSkills has landed. A new ArcticSkills takes off

The last meeting in the Board of the Kolarctic project Arctic Skills, KO4035, marked the end of the implementation of the project, and decided to continue the competition in a new format. This was the main result of the last Board meeting which took place in Haparanda on May 31st.

The chair, Svein Tore Jakobsen, thanked all who have been involved in the implementation and therefore entitled to take part in the success. He focused on the engagement of the experts and many participants, on the firm leadership of Kirkenes Upper Secondary school, and the important roles of the project manager Robert H Flatli and the consultant Trond Hansen. He also thanked the Kolarctic managing authorities in Rovaniemi and Vadsø for a very encouraging cooperation.

As a token of our gratitude, Øystein Hansen, on behalf of the partners handed over the ArcticSkills baton to Marjaana Lahdenranta from Kolarctic CBC. Now only remains the last reports before KO4035 has landed.

The most important result of the Haparanda meeting was the decision of continued cooperation between the Nordic partners. The vocational competition of ArcticSkills will go on in the coming years. The format will be slightly different, but still recognizable. The competition will be annual, touring between the partners, including 12 competences, within a cost of 170 000 euros yearly. A new partnership agreement will be signed, and consequently also a new Board will be elected. The present Board will continue until all arrangements are made.

The financing is not yet fixed, but some of the main sponsors seems to be willing to carry on their support, and the partners declared their willingness to contribute with a self-cost.

A new ArcticSkills is ready for take-off.