Rovaniemi 2023

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Well done REDU

Many people talk about how important it is to promote vocational competences. ArcticSkills and REDU are doing something about it. From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 March, REDU and ArcticSkills have brought together more than a hundred vocational students for a friendly competition to see who is the best professional […]

Latest news from the Board and Experts meetings in Rovaniemi December

230102_ Minutes physical Board-Meeting in December 2022 Rovaniemi The Board and Financial Advisers visiting the Kolarctic office in Rovaniemi december 22. On the first row from left to right: Hannu Uimaniemi REDU, Jani Harju, Lappi, Tiisu Mari Näkkäläjärvi, Soggsakk, Päivi Kontiokoski, REDU, Marja Liisa Tyystäla, Lappia. On the back row […]