2023- ArcticSkills 2023 in Finland– 20th of March opening ceremony and 21th of March competiton and award ceremony

2023- 17th of February, last date for sending competitors name to Finland

2023- publish the tasks on the ArcticSkills website

2022- 26th of October board meeting in Rovaniemi

2022- ArcticSkills 2022

2021- 26th and 27th of Oktober board meeting in Ivalo.

2021- 23th of March ArcticSkills 2021 from Övertorneå by digital means.

2020- 31th of March ArcticSkills 2020 in Övertorneå – Cancelled due to Covid-19.

2019- 24th of September. Board and expert meering in Övertorneå

2019- 20th of June Board meeting in Övertorneå

2019- 8th and 9th of April ArcticSkills 2019 in Kirkenes

2019- week 10, deadline for registration of participants for ArcticSkills19

2019- week 8, the tasks for ArcticSkills19 is published

2019- 14th of February, the national competition for Norway is this year arranged in Alta Finnmark

2019- 5th of February, meeting with Utbildning Nord

2019- 4th of February meeting with Sami Educattional Institute in Inari and meeting with Redu in Rovaniemi

2018- December, prepairing the Kolaarctic aplication in Murmansk

2018- 27th of November meeting between experts in Kirkenes

2018- 17th of October Board meeting in Kirkenes