Participating schools

  • Participating colleges

    The participation in the ArcticSkills Tournament is not limited to the partner schools, but involves most of the vocational colleges in the partner regions through regional qualifications and championship. The finalists may appear from many different schools, and the competition can be arranged on many different arenas. The coordinating schools have a responsibility to organize and prepare the team of finalists from each county. In 2020 following colleges and schools were involved in the preparations of the ArcticSkills Tournament before the cancellation


    From Murmansk:

    Murmansk Technological College of Services. Coordinator

    Murmansk Industrial College

  • Apatatity Polytechnical College

    The Northern National College of Lowozero

    The Mining College of Olenogorsk

    The Industrial College of Kandalaksja

    The Transportation College of Kola

    Murmansk Medical College

    Murmansk Building College

    Murmansk College for Economy and Information Technology
  •  From Lappi:

    Kemi-Tornionlaakso Municipal Education and Training Consortium Lappia. Coordinator

    Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education REDU

    Sàmi Institute for Education, Inari

    From Norrbotten

    Tornedalsskolan, Haparanda

    Stiftelsen Utbildning Nord/ The Arctic Vocational Foundations, Övertorneå

    Gränsälvsgymnasiet, Övertorneå

    From Finnmark

    Kirkenes Upper Secondary school. Lead partner and coordinator

    Alta Upper Secondary School

    Lakselv Upper Secondary School

    Nordkapp Upper Secondary School

    Karasjok Upper Secondary School

    Kautokeino Upper Secondary and Reindeer Husbandry School

    Vardø Upper Secondary School